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Elena Attala Perazzini
Elena Attala Perazzini



Elena Attala Perazzini has been living in NYC since 1997.
She has experienced the exhilaration of living in Madrid during
the early 90's, she resided in London and in Bologna, only to hail
from the desirable Emilia-Romagna Italian Adriatic coast
and her birthplace, Rimini.

Holding a degree from University of Bologna after having written
her thesis in criminology, she found herself working as: 
 - Producer to the Italian television network Rai International;
- Personal secretary to the famous Italian writer Oriana Fallaci;
- Manager of NYC's Rainbow Room public relations office;
- Owner of a very well known NYC hot spot East Village restaurant.

Most New Yorkers change apartments and careers very often.
This experience fed Elena's natural curious and clever intellect.

The essence is the same and so is the motivation: the need to
'travel through one's life', the desire to totally reinvent ourselves
in someone else, bridging the gap between curiosity and the will
to live more than once.

Finding herself once again changing jobs, home and lifestyle,
she understood that she was self-driven by the need for new
experiences and not by a bigger paycheck or prestige.
Not believing in reincarnation or the ability of being in all places
at the same time, she started writing again.
Learning to steal slices of life, to take the treasures you need
to tell a good story is charming and yet, only the urban lonelyness
motivate people to talk and confess.
Writing is discovering  what you had no clue you wanted to tell.

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Elena Attala Perazzini
Elena Attala Perazzini

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