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Writing is

discovering what you had no clue you wanted to tell






You wrote, together we make it sing


Your idea, my writing: our project


Your life: a precious legacy to share


We translate emotions, visions, ideas. Not only words.


About Me

“Writing is also the desire to experience more than one life, to play new roles, to know how to reinvent oneself in someone we do not yet know. Which I tried to do, from time to time, even in my life.” Elena interviewed by Matteo Marini 

Elena Perazzini was born in Rimini and has lived in Manhattan since 1997. Holding a master at the University of Bologna with a major in criminology, she worked at Rizzoli in New York as an assistant to Oriana Fallaci, one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. She then worked as a producer for Rai International TV. 

Inspired by the extreme lives she encountered in the Big Apple and the experience of Italians who moved to the States, she told some of their stories in her books. 

She published novels, short story collections and mini-biographies, both in Italy and the United States. One of her books is now used as a curriculum in American colleges and universities, such as Bucknell University, Dickinson College, The New School University of New York.

Elena has experience in film writing and currently works on documentaries. She created her first documentary in 2018 produced by RAI Cinema and GVG New York. 

Before devoting herself full time to creative writing, she penetrated the soul of her adopted city through various work experiences. She wrote for theater, worked as an interpreter for the court, found herself being the press-office manager of an event company, and ran a restaurant-gallery in the East Village, a place that inspired her to write her first novel.

 services offered by the team of



You wrote it, together we make it sing. 

The editing of a script is not only a work of correction and search for uniformity of language choices, but an operation of revising, of slightly manipulating and chiseling, aiming to make the script pleasant and captivating for the reader. We offer review and correction of narrative texts, essays, articles, as well as complicated query letters to literary agents and publishers. 

All of this, in the languages indicated on the page of our TEAM.


Your idea, my writing: our project. 

Do you want to write your book but don’t have the tools ? 

Do you have an idea that you would like to turn into a novel?

 Do you have a draft and want to develop it ? 

With the aid of my translators, we offer the complete writing of novels, essays, short stories, self-help books, and autobiographies. 

My skill lies in expressing your vision and your style. My goal is to discover and give life to your voice.


One’s LIFE is a great legacy. 

The desire to leave a written trace of our experience is a desire to share. Any existence or any segment of it, is relevant and meaningful. Your bio may be of interest to a general audience, but it’s certainly valuable to everyone who’s close to you. 

I have experience and a lot of passion for this genre. I wrote and published mini-biographies and biographies, both in Italy and in America.


We translate visions, emotions, ideas, not just words. Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese. 

Translating is not enough to communicate your vision. I learned that the good translator is the one who knows how to interpret and recreate. It is important to know and penetrate the culture of the audience you are referring to, in order to transfer in the most authentic and faithful way what the author, with his style, is expressing. 

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